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We are Breeder’s of Dubia Roaches In Murrieta, California. Our Roaches are fed almost completely organic food. We monitor there habitat with state of the art equipment, temperature and Humidity are electronically monitored and email alerts are sent out if someTemperature - Humiditything is not within their comfort zone.

Each Container is monitored individually, temperature and Humidity are stored at 30 minute intervals for five years. This helps us identify problems like when the roaches have deformed wings during moulting. This also helps identify low breading in some bins that do not have normal temperature and humidity levels.

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  • jsmigels187 says:


    I know your probably busy now this time of the year but I was wondering if I could be placed on a waiting list or something for the complete kit you have for the Standard blue tote on Dubai Colony. I watched the Youtube video and it seems pretty cool you lay everything out in one kit. I have a Bearded Dragon, Ackie Monitor, Gecko and a Frill Dragon. I need to start a colony like yesterday. Its costing me a fortune. I can give you my email and if you get them back in stock please let me know I will buy one from you.


    • dataconnect says:

      Sorry for the late reply this is the first year we have been overwhelmed for Christmas, we just could not keep up and we apologize. 
      please create at ticket we may have some done by the end of this week. This comment section is not monitored for request’s on a daily bases.
      We are trying to improve our response times with a helpdesk ticketing system.
      Best regards,

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