Rewards Program

There are many ways to earn rewards Point:

  1. (5%)    On retail non-sale purchases. ($0.50 for every $10)   (Automatic credit)
  2. ($1.00) Review a product on our site that you purchased .     (Automatic credit)
  3. ($1.00) Referral Link (create link under My login account)   (Automatic credit)
  4. ($2.00) Customer sign up Reward Points at checkout.           (Automatic credit)
  5. ($5.00) referral a friend. Use the Refer a friend drop-down    (Automatic credit)
  6. ($5.00) dubiacolony you-tube unboxing Video                       (Manual Request)
  7. ($5.00) dubiacolony Facebook unboxing Video                      (Manual Request)
  • Max of $200.00 for points.
  • Reward points do not expire.
  • Cannot refer a friend if they are already a DubiaColony Customer or have been in the past.
  • All referrer points are added after the Referral completes an order.

(Manual Review rewards)
Post a DubiaColony unboxing with our link to you-tube and get $5.00 Reward points.
Post a DubiaColony unboxing with our link to Facebook and get $5.00 Reward points.
Any suggestions to improve our site that we use will earn you reward points.

We can also add extra roaches to your orders if you request instead of reward points.