Colony Standard kit Blue Locking Lid

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Shipping is $60 Flat Rate Oversized Box.

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This is a complete dubia roach colony standard kit, it contains the box with packing tape around the top inside. The baby nymphs can climb but wont get past the tape because it is to slippery. Two or FourĀ  holes in the top with aluminum screen for ventilation. Also one pound of roach/cricket chow. 3oz of water crystals, 9 egg flats. 1000 + mix Nymphs, 40 + Adult Female and 20 + Male!



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  • colony container
  • two holes with aluminium screen
  • 12oz roach/cricket chow
  • 3oz water crystals
  • 9 egg flats
  • 40 + Adult Females
  • 20 + Males
  • 1000 + Nymphs



1 review for Colony Standard kit Blue Locking Lid

  1. bearskinner4 (verified owner)

    Have bought three starter colonies from various sellers and this by far is the best. Well worth the added cost of shipping. All arrived alive and very well packaged. Will be purchasing my DUBIAS from this site from now on.

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